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Work with a Social Security attorney to prepare for your hearing

Your quality of life and well-being are on the line when you have to arrange for Social Security disability. That's why it may be helpful to have an extra helping hand from an attorney. The Law Office of Bruce B. Rubin in Troy, NY can represent you before and during your hearing. You'll work with my office to prepare all necessary documentation for your hearing and help you seek the benefits you need.

Schedule a consultation at our firm today. We work with clients from across the Albany, NY area.

What to expect from your attorney

What to expect from your attorney

Intimidated by disability hearings? Your attorney will be there to help every step of the way. If you hire us, you'll:

  • Visit us for a consultation to go over Social Security disability benefits
  • Work with a Social Security attorney to file all necessary forms
  • Attend your hearing with your attorney representing you

Are you eligible for Social Security disability?

Social Security disability benefits are supposed to make your life easier. However, getting the benefits you deserve often involves a lengthy process. Thankfully, our Social Security attorney is here to walk you through the process and answer all your questions. One of the first questions many people have is if they qualify for benefits. Well, you may be eligible for Social Security disability if:

  • You can't work because of a medical condition
  • You can no longer perform the same level of work you did in the past
  • Your condition has lasted for one or more years, is expected to last for one or more years or is terminal
We truly care about all of our clients and will always fight to get you the best possible outcome. To work with an experienced Social Security attorney in Albany or Troy, NY, contact us today.